Hi there. I'm James Vanderhyde. I am an associate professor at Saint Xavier University. If you want to contact me, my email is vanderhyde@sxu.edu. Otherwise, feel free to look at my resume or CV. You also may want to look at my project portfolio.

James, 2005
In case you need to find me in person, here is a picture of me.

Nifty Assignments


These are the papers I have had published:

Proper scaffolding implies deep learning “Scaffolding assignments: How much is just enough?,” J. Vanderhyde, CCSC Eastern, 2018. (download)
Critical thinking skills: Abstract reasoning, problem solving. Personal attributes: self-confidence, tneacity “With greater CS enrollments comes an even greater need for engaging teaching practices,” J. Vanderhyde and F. Appel, CCSC Midwest, 2016. (download)
Image of lung airways. “Airway segmentation by topology-driven local thresholding,” A. Szymczak and J. Vanderhyde, SPIE Medical Imaging, 2008. (download)
Image of foot of Dragon model after topology simplification. “Topological simplification of isosurfaces in volumetric data using octrees,” J. Vanderhyde and A. Szymczak, Graphical Models, 2008. (download)
Image of Buddha models of decreasing genus. “Simplifying the Topology of Volume Datasets: An Opportunistic Approach,” A. Szymczak and J. Vanderhyde, Georgia Institute of Technology, GVU Technical Reports 2005. (download)

“Extraction of Topologically Simple Isosurfaces from Volume Datasets,” A. Szymczak and J. Vanderhyde, IEEE Visualization 2003. (download)
Image of Frac class visualization. “Java Class Visualization for Teaching Object-Oriented Concepts,” H. L. Dershem and J. Vanderhyde, ACM SIGCSE 1998.

Other Projects

I finished my PhD in Computer science at Georgia Institute of Technology in August 2007. The title of my dissertation is Topology control of volumetric data. It is available for download.

While at Georgia Tech, I took Computer Animation (CS 7496), Advanced Image Synthesis (CS 7490), and 3D Complexity (CS 7491). You may be interested in my projects from those classes.

I also took CS 7001, and I did three mini projects.

If you missed the link above, please take a look at my project portfolio.